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My name is Trung Thảo. Welcome to my site. This is my portfolio website where I showcase my work and projects. With over 5 years of experience in the 3D industry, I am confident in handling various art styles, from Realistic to Hand-painted. To prove that, let me take you on a tour to explore my portfolio. Oh, and don't forget, you can also view more details or download my CV by clicking the button just below this introduction. Now, scroll down to begin!


At Frist, I have some stuff I made with REALISTIC style below.


Secondly, I also have some assets use for MOBILE GAME and HYBER CASUAL games, made in a STYLIZED STYLE and HANDPAINT TEXTURES.


Additionally, I can also do RIGGING and ANIMATION along with some EFFECTS in the Unity Engine.


Here are some environments I have created.

Lastly, I'd like to share some CARTOON projects I've contributed to.